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When you need an attentive, high-level defense of your rights anywhere in the Chicago metro area, the Law Offices of William Swafford LLC is ready to provide the aggressive defense you need.  Beginning with a free, personal, confidential consultation, we represent individuals facing criminal charges or civil forfeiture proceedings at both trial and appellate levels of both judicial and administrative cases.

Our firm is dedicated to providing our clients with the high-quality criminal defense that they truly deserve. No matter what they have been charged with, clients can rest assured knowing that they will have an advocate at our firm. We are able to handle criminal charges at both the state and federal level and will provide you with an inexhaustible level of defense. Our attorneys are tireless advocates on behalf of our clients and will do everything that we can to help.


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    William A. Swafford Esq.

    If you or a loved one have been accused, charged or arrested of criminal conduct it is imperative that you speak to a criminal defense attorney immediately to protect


    “A couple of years ago I used the services of attorney William Swafford. I am not the most innocent looking man; I have a shaved head with tattoos all over, and a long criminal record. My case was a mess. Gang Unit Investigators were hiding evidence and really trying to bury me. I would of been back in a state prison for the rest of my life if not for William Swafford’s long nights and hard work.”

    -Former Client – Jose Hernandez


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